Monday, 20 April 2009

Lunchbox Bonanza

I am very pleased with myself. I have created a new sub category on the website for lunchboxes and tins, without having to ring Dan to ask him where I have gone wrong. I am feeling a tad techie, just for a minute.
I had to move all of the lunch boxes into their own sub category because there are now so many to choose from. If you take your lunch to work it is a great way to save money and be stylish at the same time!I just added a few new ones today, The Raleigh Chopper, which uses the original advertising. Batman which is going to surely be a favourite with the boys. A brand new wizard of Oz tin which replaces the smaller old version. A union Jack tin tote which would make any mod proud and finally a fantastic Pink Floyd tin showing some of their albums.There is a little puzzle attached to the Pink Floyd description, i am hoping for some replies to be sent to our facebook fan page depending on how many we get i will be sending out prizes!

Domestic Sluttery: Shop in the spotlight: Love from Random

Domestic Sluttery: Shop in the spotlight: Love from Random
Ah that's nice innit getting a lovely little mention from the domestic Sluttery ladies. I am honoured and truly chuffed.Best get in there quick for the Jon Burgerman wallpaper, there are only a few left!

Friday, 10 April 2009

Cycling in Style in Bristol and beyond

Bristol is to be the first Cycling City in the UK apparently. Lots of money is to be spent on improving the cycling networks etc, and the amount of people cycling in Bristol is set to double over the next couple of years.

This can only be good news in my book, the more cyclists there are on the roads, the safer it feels, as you are definitely seen. Cycling into the centre will be quicker,cheaper,and more convenient if there are more of us doing it. I hope there are going to be lots more bike parking spaces sorted out. If you have a really snazzy bike, you can park it at the Mud Dock Bike Shed where it is going to be safe and you can get a shower as well if you want.

There is talk of a big bike rental scheme starting up soon where you can get a bike for an hour we shall look out for that.

To make your bike more individual , we have just had some retro accessories arrive, that generally, you are not going to see in the local bike shop.

We have a traditional Bike horn that makes a really big hoot, which is ideal for getting the pedestrians to move off of the cycle path!

A whirl-A-Bell, which is one of those retro whirly metal kite type things that you can attach to the frame or handlebars of your bike and makes a ringing noise as you cycle along. This would look great on one of those ladies town bikes with a basket!

We also have a completely pointless and wonderful, Bike Aeroplane, or Bike Airplane as it is called. This is a little silver plane that attaches to your handlebars with a red propellor that whizzes round when you cycle along, How cool is that! A great accessory for adults and children alike.
We are on the look out for more accessories to make your bike stand out in the crowd, right now these are available in the shop and online on our website

Monday, 6 April 2009

Operation Nice

In the spirit of our motto 'Commit Random Acts Of Kindness' we have added a link at the bottom of our blog page to Operation who in a simple and lovely way embrace the idea. It's just all about being nice to people and most of all doing it without always wanting something in return.