Saturday, 28 March 2009

MP3 Accoutrements

We have had the first arrivals of a collection of Ear buds, headphones this week. They can obviously be used with anything that requires headphones, but are going to be an interesting little accessory when your listening to your I pod,(other brands of MP3 player are available). We have had the Ducks, Love ducks and Ladybirds arrive, but look out for more varieties in the coming weeks.

Another new in snazzy little gadget is the Headphone splitter by Lecci. How often have you given one ear of your headphones to a friend so they could listen to what you are listening to. Or laid next to someone on the beach or in the park wanting to listen to the same thing? You may have seen a headphone splitter before, but this one is on a keyring, so you can have it with you all the time. It is also in some very nice packaging, you've got to love good packaging when it comes to gadgets!

Monday, 16 March 2009

In Your Face Ads

I found a website where you can make up your own roadsigns and Motel signs i love it. I think we may definitely use them in a flyer in the future. In the meantime here they are, ( they are easily changeable so we may change the words again and again!).

You could also make up an eyechart which might have been my favourite but i really love the possibilities of the Motel sign.

Look out for these pictures on the streets of Bristol!

Sunday, 8 March 2009

A bit of a move around

Friday we spent all of the day having a good old move around, replacing some of the shelves and putting some of our vintage wares into the shop. This was all because I bought an Ercol dining table and it didn't fit in the shop. I definitely think it looks alot bigger in there now, come down for a visit and take a look soon

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

And some more Ice cubes

Today two more types of ice cubes arrived, as i had blogged about our collection only yesterday i thought it only right that i should add these to the list. The Bone Chillers Ice Cubes are an old favourite that have come back in, great for pirates, gothic parties or lovers of all things skull related.

A new one is the Gin and Titonic Ice that consists of four Ocean liners and four Icebergs.

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Ice Cubes R US

The latest offering in shaped ice cubes to hit our shelves is the ice invaders silicon tray of space invaders shapes. ' A totally retro addition to your drink that will score highly with children of the 80's and their gaming descendents'.(that's what it says on the box!).

This is not all though ,oh no, there is a myriad of ice cubes to choose from to suit every occasion and interest. Just added to the website we have the AK Ice Tray, which actually makes 3D bullets in an ice mold.

We have the Alphabet Ice cubes that are great if you want write words in butter, chocolate or jelly etc, or you could make peoples' names in ice and put them in their drink, it would be interesting to see how many people actually noticed that it was their name and not just letters.
Or what about the old favourite Frozen Smiles Ice Cubes, that look like false teeth. Again you can get really creative with these and freeze milk as teeth then maybe some grenadine, or red food colouring for the gums, to make a fairly gruesome drink accompliment.
Who knew that shaped ice cubes would become such a must have accessory? We have even more new ones arriving soon so there really will be an ice cube to suit every taste!.