Thursday, 6 August 2009

Think Gum

Newly added to the shop and the website today is Think gum. Big in America apparently, but then so are alot of things. According to the packet, it is full of brain boosting ingredients, (various different herbs etc) and says it will help chewers take on mentally challenging tasks, be more alert and improve information recall. That is alot to claim in a little piece of gum.
We were intrigued enough to order it and as soon as it arrived cracked open a couple of packets and tried some. so what is our verdict.
No1 for me it tastes horrible, yuck,yuckyuck ,it tastes like the smell of a 1980s health shop, but others did not feel so strongly and quite liked it, these younguns dont have the same memories as me clearly.
As for the effects well i do feel a bit more chipper, I have got round to updating the blog after all! It does have Guarana in it though which has natural caffeine so it could be that.