Saturday, 31 January 2009

Doggie Badge Mirrors

We were on our way into the Pet Kingdom in Harrods to see if they did actually sell real live puppies, on our way there the corridors had these great images of puppy dogs in bright colours. I liked them enough to take a quick photo of the corridor, while Sam was growling at me not to. ( She was worried that we might get thrown out of Harrods and that we would never live down the shame).

The very next day we were at a Trade Fair and met the artist, she had for sale some compact mirrors with all of the images on them. A definite new line for the shop and for our website-puppy dog badge mirrors. So a week later they are for sale in the shop and we have a couple on the internet already.
Of course my favourite is the Dachshund , anyone that knows me knows that I am defiinitely going to be getting a real little dachshund of my own very soon and he is going to be the official shop mascot and hang out with me down here every day. when he arrives i'm sure I will be showing him off here and on the website as well! i can't wait.

Sunday, 25 January 2009


The latest addition to our duck range is SUPERDUCK. He is not a bud duck he is a teeny bit bigger than them but he is cool. He has a removable cape! He is selling fast in the shop to all of our duck collectors and comic strip fans alike.

We are open on Sundays you know

I am sitting in the shop and wondering if anyone actually knows that we open on Sundays! As we are in BS8 which is a group of independent traders in one building I have no choice. Problem is i know as soon as the wonderful shoppers on Park Street get wind of our opening it will have been decided that we should shut. So if you fancy a bit of a browse on a Sunday get in quick because i have a feeling this is not going to last long. By the way parking is free around these parts on a Sunday and today i have been giving out free chocolates!

Friday, 23 January 2009

The Tomato ketchup dispenser is back

Back in stock today is the retro kitsch classic tomato ketchup dispenser. I love these and i am so glad that we have decided to stock them again after probably a couple of years now. They remind me of the Wimpy bars in the 1970s when we used to have one of those bizarrely bright red round saveloy sausage rings in a bun. Aah the additives. You don't see such food anymore.

Thursday, 1 January 2009

Happy New Year

So Christmas is all done and dusted already and we were supposed to be having a day off today, but now that we know what is left after the rush we are busy getting things ready to put on the website.
I have been going through the book section and we have some really interesting new titles for the website. check out Milk Teeth for soem lovely illustration.
Anyway back to it , so Happy New Year and don't forget to drop in the shop or the website soon.