Friday, 17 October 2008

The splat frogs have arrived

So the splat frog has arrived. Throwing a frog at a wall is not always wrong, this one will squish against the wall and then go back to his normal shape unharmed ready for another go. It is a strangely satisfying pastime. Along with the frogs, tomatoes and eggs that do exactly the same thing are in. It turns out the at the moment the tomatoes are proving the most popular, they do look pretty realistic when they make their splat. So its your choice i don't know i still like the frog the most i think.

Monday, 13 October 2008

bits of the shop are filling up with new things ready for christmas. check out the carve your own postcards. sublime stitching craft pads, origami paper sets, good old suck uk key bottle openers and the genius condiment gun sets all on the table there. For a better look check out the shop in BS8 on Park Street, Bristol or any day now you will be able to buy all of these things and many more at

Did i say the website is coming soon?

if i hadn't said which i have alot, the website is coming soon. This is where all of the news is going to be and lots of interesting links to the people who are doing interesting things around the world that catches our attention.
Right now the website is very nearly on its merry way to the world wide web and we are going to be chomping at the bit to bring you all of the most interesting , unusual , stylish and sometimes plain bizarre bits and bobs , gifts and such like quickly and efficiently.
I know i can't wait now, things are coming in to the shop every day ready for christmas and the majority of these are going to be on the website. There are also going to be a whole load of new things that are exclusive to the website .